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Chef Chris

Chef Chris Estrada crafted a menu that is as fresh as it is sustainable, sourcing the best meat, produce, and seafood within 100 miles of Cooper’s Mill. Each delicious ingredient is sourced from local farms and purveyors, embodying our motto: “Eat Local. Eat Well.”

Chef Chris has forever been surrounded by food—from growing up in south Texas, to washing dishes in Chesterfield, Virginia, on through his formal training at Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, in Pittsburgh. He rounded out his experience by cooking for private restaurants in Virginia and Pennsylvania. He later held various chef positions for Omni Hotels and Resorts, Xanterra Parks and Resorts, and Anheuser Busch.

Chef Chris held his first position for Marriott as the Senior Banquet Chef at the Bethesda Marriott, before earning his current place as Executive Chef at Cooper’s Mill.


Chef Xavier

Chef Xavier Wingate is the Restaurant Chef at the Bethesda Marriott and helps to oversee all food and catering operations at Cooper’s Mill. Chef Xavier has always held a deep passion and respect for the culinary arts. He prides himself on enjoying each and every method of cooking, along with the process from start to finish; whether it’s working the sauté, manning the grill, or even something as simple as handling the deep fryer.

If his style of cooking had to be categorized with one word it would certainly be “rustic.” His philosophy on food is that, simple ingredients can go a long way when paired with the right presentation. If you are anything like Chef Xavier when you go out to dine you eat first with your eyes and then allow all your other senses to come alive when you take that first bite.

Chef Xavier has a great eye for detail and considers himself a perfectionist, recognizing that each and every plate sent out of the kitchen represents himself and more importantly to him, the restaurant.