The all American

2 eggs any style, hash brown choice of Ham, Bacon, Sausage

Or Canadian bacon and toast, bagel, or English muffin. Includes

Juice and coffee                                                                                                            ~14.95


Good Start

Steel Cut Oatmeal or house made granola with fresh berries

Or bananas, skim milk and choice of toast, bagel or muffin.

Includes Juice and Coffee                                                                              ~12.95


Bircher Muesli

Oats, golden raisin, grapes, apple, honey, local

Greek yogurt, bananas and Blueberry [445 Cal]                                                       ~9.95


Local Greek yogurt

Roasted pistachio, Honey, roasted seasonal fruit [500 cal]                              ~6.50


Fried eggs

Two eggs, smashed fried Yukon gold, mini Bratwurst,

roasted cherry tomatoes                                                                                           ~9.75       


Sunny side up

Two eggs, asparagus, hash brown, chicken broccoli rabe,

mozzarella sausage                                                                                     ~9.75                                                       

Chorizo Scramble

Three eggs, chorizo, potato, cilantro, Toasted baguette                                        ~10.75


Buttermilk pancakes

McLure’s New England maple syrup or Fresh berries ( in Season )                         ~10.25                                        

Corned beef hash

House made corn beef, two fried eggs,                                                           ~13.75


Breakfast Sandwich

Two Eggs, Choice of Ham Or Bacon, Cheddar Cheese Choice of Bagel

Or Brioche Roll                                                                                                            ~8.50


Eggs benedict

Poached eggs, Canadian bacon

English muffin, hollandaise sauce                                                                             ~13.75


Brioche French toast, topped with your choice of homemade:


Cinnamon Apple raisin compote

Strawberry jam

Stone fruit compote (in season)

Mclure’s New England Maple syrup

Whipped cream                                                                                              ~11.75      


Bone in Virginia ham, basil & parmesan scramble eggs

Virginia ham, scramble eggs, fried smashed Yukon gold

Roasted tomatoes                                                                                                      ~12.75


Open face Omelet

3 eggs, tomatoes, fresh basil, local feta, baby arugula [500 Cal]                             ~12.75

Deconstructed Salmon Gravlax bagel                                         

Cured salmon with dill, cream cheese, red onion, tomato                                     ~13.75


Steel cut oatmeal

Brown sugar, Berry compote, Golden Raisins [485 cal]                                      ~6.00


Bacon                                                                                                               ~4.00

Mini bratwurst                                                                                                 ~4.00

Virginia ham                                                                                                     ~4.00

Chicken, broccoli rabe mozzarella sausage                                                          ~4.00

Fresh fruit plate                                                                                                 ~7.00

Single benedict                                                                                                  ~6.00

Toasted bagel, cream cheese                                                                                ~3.50

Cereal, choice of berries or sliced banana, milk                                                    ~5.00

Individual breakfast pastry                                                                               ~2.00

Fried smashed Yukon gold potato                                                                       ~3.00                                                                                        



regular of decaf   ~2.79

Orange Juice, Grapefruit, apple, cranberry, pineapple, v8

Or tomato juice                                                                                                ~3.00

Hot tea                                                                                                                 ~3.00

Milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate                                                          ~3.00

Espresso                                                                                                              ~3.00

Cappuccino or latte                                                                                          ~4.00

Soft drink                                                                                                             ~3.00

Bottled water-still or sparkling                                                                            ~3.00


An 18% service charge will be added to all parties of 8 or more

Food Allergies?

If You have a food allergy, Please speak to the owner, Manager, Chef Or your server